5 Useless Degrees & A Bottle of ScotchCheck out this new interview with Red Door co-founder Kevin Jones! The interview starts at the 22:30 mark on the Five Useless Degrees & A Bottle of Scotch podcast. The whole 1-hour long podcast is a great listen for theatre lovers.

The interview starts with a history and roots of the August Wilson Red Door Project. It journeys through the many ways Red Door is working throughout multiple communities in Portland to change the racial ecology. It originally aired on XRAY in Portland on the radio dial 107.1 FM or worldwide on the internet at xray.fm. Thank you to everyone at the Five Useless Degrees & A Bottle of Scotch & XRAY FM for amplifying the work happening at Red Door!


From the Five Useless Degrees & A Bottle of Scotch website:

This Week: An interview with The August Wilson Red Door Project Artistic Director Kevin Jones

August Wilson was a theatre and literary artist whose playwriting activities were virtually inseparable from his social ideals. The flights of imagination within his plays, though often theatrical, are moving because they rarely escape the truth of his reality, despite how high they soar. They are at once wholly tangible and suddenly indeterminate, which is probably a definition similar to that for magic. Kevin Jones not only produces the scripts of August Wilson, he has in many respects adopted the principles of this admired author. Whether directing a play from Wilson’s Century Cycle or working as an educator-artist with The Red Door Project, he conjures a community that is at once grounded and idealistic. This week, Jones sits down with Eric and James to talk about doors, ecologies, and theatrical truth.