SPARK Leadership Program

One of the programs in TCG’s Leading the Charge: Diversity & Inclusion Initiative is the SPARK Leadership Program. The specific intent of SPARK is to create a more diverse theatre landscape by supporting the professional development of exceptional rising leaders of color who aim to take on executive leadership positions at U.S. not-for-profit theatres.

Building on the success of the Young Leaders of Color Program, this pilot program will provide ten leaders who self-identify as leaders of color with the opportunity to participate in a curriculum that will focus on Knowledge & Skills-Building, Networking & Professional Connections and Self-Awareness & Inclusion Training.

Three-tiered professional development focus includes:

Knowledge & Skills-Building: SPARK will provide the necessary practical skills for success in leading a not-for-profit theatre organization.

Networking & Professional Connections: SPARK will provide opportunities to develop empowering relationships with mentors, sponsors and career influencers, as well as with peers who are pursuing similar career goals.

Self-Awareness & Inclusion Training: SPARK will provide tools and resources to empower participants and ensure they promote diversity and inclusion in their work.

Submission Deadline: May 5, 2014, Noon ET.

For application materials, visit:


The SPARK Leadership Program is developed and administered by TCG with support from American Express and The Joyce Foundation.