See How “Theaters Contribute to Social Justice and Meaningful Change in Communities” at the Huffington Post

The Huffington Post recently published a blog piece on how theatres are leading the way in arts contributing to positive social change. The article, written by National Corporate Theatre Fund executive director Bruce E. Whitacre, uses the national August Wilson Monologue Competition as an example of the kind of work regional theatres can participate in to enrich their communities.

Whitacre writes that the AWMC and similar programs “provide students with opportunities to explore their own stories and history as well as that of people who may not look and act like they do. It is much more difficult to dismiss groups of people once you have spent time reading, studying or watching their stories on stage.”

Whitacre also quotes Jennifer McEwen, the national AWMC coordinator at True Colors Theatre, who shares how the monologue competition is making a direct impact on students who may not otherwise have the resources or motivation to continue their education:

The competition has had a huge impact on Title 1 students. Others, who dropped out of school, have gone through the competition and were inspired to get their GED and continue their education. We have interest from 12 more cities to be part of the program, and we hope to add two per year.

You can read the full article at the Huffington Post. Look for Whitacre’s follow-up article, on “the┬ápositive mark that these kinds of programs can leave on troubled high school youth”, in the┬ánear future.