Red Door Project’s Equity Workshops and Trainings

The composition of the U.S. is changing radically and changing fast. In order for organizations to fully compete in the marketplace, they need to work toward attracting, recruiting, developing, and retaining a diverse workforce.  They also need to realize that the market they cater to is changing significantly, and that their products and services need to reflect that change. Becoming a diverse organization isn’t just the ‘right’ thing to do – it is essential and makes good business sense for both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Creating a diverse workforce provides tremendous opportunities for organizations and individuals to tap into ideas, creativity, and the potential contributions inherent in the interaction of different life experiences and points of view.

This is not a simple task with simple solutions. It is all too easy to get caught in short-term, reactive thinking.  For most everyone, diversity is a hot topic, fraught with many challenging feelings and opinions. Many of these tensions go underground and create instability in the organization.  This is why 75% of diversity initiatives fail.

It doesn’t have to be this way. The Red Door Project can help your organization constructively open up these conversations, work through these challenges, and support you to fulfill your mission and meet your business goals.

Our leadership team brings a combined 60 years of experience in facilitation, diversity, equity, multicultural education, community planning and development to this work. Our curriculum reflects that experience and expertise, synthesizing principles and practices from systems theory, process work, communication practice, community engagement, diversity/equity practice, and strategic planning with a diversity focus.

There is no one solution for every organization. We offer team and leadership coaching, strategic planning, and facilitation. We tailor unique packages to meet the individual needs of each of our client organizations.

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August Wilson Red Door Project Talkbacks

The August Wilson Red Door project uses the arts as a catalyst to deepen conversations around race and equity. Many conversations about race in the public arena tend to be constrained by political correctness, or are explosive and polarizing—neither of which creates much traction or hope around our collective racial legacy.

We use art as a tool because it’s about storytelling, and stories build bridges that transcend the things that normally divide us.

What to expect: Different from talkbacks that you might be used to, the intention of our talkbacks is to give audiences some space to focus on and share their felt experience of the show and the personal stories that get evoked through the theatrical experience.

Each talkback is facilitated by experienced professional facilitators. This ensures that we create a safe space where all voices can be heard and appreciated.

The Red Door’s mission is to create on ongoing conversation around race in Portland that helps the city to become a place where people of all colors and cultures can live and thrive.