What is the August Wilson Monologue Competition?

August Wilson is an award-winning playwright whose work examined a century of the African-American experience. In our third year, the August Wilson Red Door Project is again bringing the nationally-recognized August Wilson Monologue Competition to Portland. The program offers our city’s high school students the opportunity to connect with their authentic voices and discover their leadership potential through artistic expression, work with professionals in the Portland theatre community beyond, in hopes of competing for scholarships at the National Finals in New York City in May 2017.

What’s in it for your students?

The over-arching theme for the Red Door’s involvement with the Monologue Competition is to give students a chance to do something they never thought they could do — from start to finish! We will provide them with tools necessary to completely follow-through on a project from beginning to end, holding them accountable for their commitments, and giving them responsibility and ownership over their own success. Tools which will extend far beyond the AWMC into all aspects of their lives.

How can you get involved?

Book a presentation with us! Bring our enthusiastic, young teaching artists into your spaces and bring your students one step closer to an immersive August Wilson experience that they won’t soon forget. We’ll help talk them through the competition, give them some background on the playwright himself, and even get those who are willing up on their feet. Presentations will be 45-60 minutes long, though we are entirely flexible with your time and spacing needs.While we are actively looking to recruit students of color, all students are welcome and encouraged to apply.

Presentation dates will be available for booking in mid-September. Want to get us in your classroom? Email Katie Watkins, Program Director, at for more info.